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StormDoor Productions and EMU Theatre present the play Bent. Bent is the story of gays swept up in the Nazi Holocaust. The play opens with the dissolute playboy Max and his gentle boyfriend, Rudy, discussing the wild scene that Max had been part of the night before. Little did they know that night was also the infamous Night of the Long Knives, in which Hitler targeted his enemies, real and perceived, for death. Max and Rudy are on the “pink list” and soon are running for their lives. In the end, Max the playboy, is given a chance to learn, among the most brutal conditions imaginable, what honesty and loyalty entail.

Cast: R.H. Wilhoit, Connor Eastman, Mario Bonilla, Bryce Ostrom, Alek Joyce, Todd Schwartz, Travis DeRousse, Quinton Cheney, Dan Born

Bent contains nudity and graphic descriptions of sexual violence. It is not intended for anyone under the age of 16.

Later Event: February 3